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move-in cleaning


Why can't I just bring in one cleaner?

Why is there a special price for cleaning a new apartment or home before moving in?   


This is why:


Tel Aviv Cleaning Services specializes in move-in and post-construction cleanings by ensuring the satisfaction of our customer rather than worrying about finishing the job. The staff at Tel Aviv Cleaning Services encourages our customer to communicate their needs and we vow to listen to our customer and provide services over and above the basic call of duty of regular Israeli Home Cleaning Services.


Old or new, an apartment needing cleaning is usually full of dust and more so in the most awkward and annoying of places; such as baseboards, corners of walls, on top of doorframes, cabinets and refrigerators. 


bathrooms, kitchens, windows, balconies are notorious for harboring real dirt and grime. A quick pass-through cleaning by a regular maid will not cut it for your first time in your new home. Only real disinfecting, scrubbing and scraping make the grade!


FYI people, toilet seats should always be replaced; I can never allow my Royal Hiny to sit on someone else's germs. Regardless if you choose to change the seat or not, a toilet must be scrubbed, disinfected and cleaned by a professional who puts their reputation on the line.


What can be more disturbing than setting your precious belongings, clothing or other, in a closet that may not have been cleaned in years, full of dust and potentially worse things like moths or cockroaches?


The crown-jewel of every self-respecting adult needs to be treated as the most precious part of your home. This is where you will be feeding yourself, your family and most disturbingly your unsuspecting guests. If my friend invited for dinner and I saw a kitchen that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks, not to mention months, not only would I leave but I would break up with my friend for putting my health at risk!

Door handles and light switches

I wish I could take a poll to find out how many people actually think about cleaning their light switches amd door handles. Whether or not you are a person that washes your hands with OCD type frequency, everyone needs to think about the fact that many adults and kids often don't wash their hands after using the washroom or eating which means that any bacteria that lives under the belt, on the toilet or in our mouths and noses can end up in the grossest of places!

full team of cleaners

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window cleaning

complete cleaning

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