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home cleaning


Have you struggled to find a professional and reliable cleaning service in Israel?

Have most cleaners / cleaning companies let you down?

At Tel Aviv Cleaning Service, we understand that your time is valuable and reliability is crucial.

Our cleaners respect reservations & appointments,

so you can rest assured that the job will get done, when you need it.

A regular home cleaning consists of cleaning the following:

  • Bedrooms (dusting surfaces, washing floors, and making beds)

  • Washrooms (cleaning toilets, basic cleaning of showers and baths, washing floors, and emptying garbage)

  • Kitchen (cleaning surfaces, washing floors, emptying garbage, dishes, fridge, freezer, oven depending on time)

  • Living and dining spaces (general dusting and floor washing)

  • Balcony floors (depending on time)

  • Window cleaning is NOT included in regular cleaning, for window cleaning click here.

  • Laundry is NOT included for liability and responsibility issues.



We offer all types of home cleaning at the highest level of reliability:

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